Is there any color difference in the clothes?

All products are photographed with professional cameras, striving to convey real information to your sight. Due to the influence of the light at the time of shooting and the difference in viewing equipment, the color of the picture cannot be completely consistent with the color of the real thing. The color is subject to the real thing. Thank you for your understanding.

Will the clothes pill?

Our products have undergone strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, and only meet the relevant quality standards before leaving the factory. Due to the process and composition of the fabric, there may be pilling, which is not a quality problem.

Will the clothes fade?

Due to the fabric (floating wool during production), dyes and dyeing process of dark-colored clothes, color fading and hair loss will occur during the washing process. This is a normal situation and does not belong to product quality problems. It is recommended to wash with normal temperature water or cold water before wearing for the first time, and soak in salt water for washing, which can better maintain the clothes and alleviate the problem of dark clothes fading. It is recommended that you do not use alkaline water or laundry detergent to soak clothes for a long time.

What to do if the clothes smell

Since the product is sealed and packaged immediately after production, some odors are difficult to dissipate quickly. It is recommended to dry it in a ventilated and dry environment for 1-2 days (avoid sun exposure). The product itself does not affect normal wearing.